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Whats up everyone? I’m checking in right now from the club in SLC UT. Here’s a quick recap on the past couple days.

My boy Randy Schwartz from Brett Dennen’s band was in the house Friday night and I was stoked to see my boy Steve Adams bassist with ALO and Jack Johnson at the San Fran set.

Thanks to EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU who came out to support live music both nights!

In the spirit of making fall tour as cool an experience as possible, I’d like to encourage everyone to carpool with 3 or more of your friends to a show, or take some alternative form of transportation (Bike, train, bus). Come up to us after the show, let me know and receive a free autographed P+S fall tour poster!

Also, a reminder that in some states today is the last day of voter registration and so if you haven’t registered, make sure you go HERE to find out what your local deadlines are.
For those of you who have already registered, please make sure YOU GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!
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